Open International Competition for the development of the Admiral Serebryakov embankment part


The Open International Competition for the development of the Admiral Serebryakov embankment part has started

The Open International Competition for the development of the Admiral Serebryakov embankment part has started
In 2018, Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Region) will become a venue for the international investment project in the sphere of business tourism and MICE-services. It will be a country-unique tourist-recreational cluster and the largest business cluster in Novorossiysk. Its infrastructure will be aimed to host international business events, specialized exhibitions and education programs. The cluster will help to create more jobs in the region and to significantly increase the capacity of tourist accommodation in the city. The project will be implemented on the principles of public-private partnership.

The first step in creating such cluster will be an international professional competition aimed at the development of a comprehensive architectural and urban planning concept of the cluster which should meet the requirements for organization of international business events.

International curator of the competition – Anja Sofia Ehrenfried, a partner of the EDDEA architectural bureau, an expert in the architecture and urban planning. Competition initiators – JSC Friday and AO United Energy-Construction Corporation. Organizing Committee and the Project Consultant – the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”.  

The competition is supported by the government of Krasnodar Region and the city of Novorossiysk. Both Russian and foreign consortia can take part in the competition. The participants should be experts in architecture and strategic consulting and be able to offer a comprehensive solution for the area development, taking into account the specific nature of business tourism and MICE services. The competition proposals should include a strategy for functional programming, architectural and urban-planning concept and a framework financial and economic model.   

In order to join the competition, the participants are to complete an application form on the official website at by January 22, 2018.  
The foreigner participant can take part in the competition within the consortium with Russian company. At the first (qualifying) stage, the participants are required to provide a portfolio of completed projects showing their relevant experience in comprehensive area development. The second stage of the competition will be the implementation of projects. Only the best three teams will be chosen to compete at this stage   

The total prize pool of the Competition is 8,100,000 rubles, plus taxes and fees. All finalists of the second stage will be awarded a contract for development of the concept. They will receive 1,700,000 rubles as a compensation for the concept development. 

● The winner of the second stage will receive an additional bonus of 1,500,000 rubles. 
● The runner-up of the competition will receive an additional bonus of 1,000,000 rubles. 
● The third-ranked finalist will receive an additional bonus of 500,000 rubles.   

Igor Dyachenko, Mayor of the Hero city of Novorossiysk: “Novorossiysk is one of the most attractive municipalities for investors. Not only is it the largest industrial hub of the south of Russia, it is also a place with unique tourism opportunities. In order to create a local innovative all-season tourist center as part of the Development Concept of Resort and Tourist Complex of Krasnodar Region until 2030, we are going to collaborate with the partners of the project and form a world-class business cluster in the city.”   

Yuri Barzykin, Member of the Jury, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Vice-President of the Russian Association of Travel Industry: “The Russian Association of Travel Industry and the Committee for Entrepreneurship in Tourism of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation decided to support this project because of its innovative and open approach to creating the cluster and promoting tourism products. We’re talking about the inclusion of the project in the Development of the Domestic and International Tourism in the Russian Federation (2019-2025) program, the general principles of which are dedicated to the innovative nature of the tourism industry and its diversification.”   

Maksim Korobov, Principal Shareholder in ZAO Pyatnitsa: “We are planning to complete the first phase of the project by 2021. The territory will cover five hectares and is located next to the part of the Admiral Serebryakov embankment that is to be reconstructed at the fourth stage. According to preliminary estimates, the overall private investment for the initial stage of the project will amount to about 7 billion rubles. This phase will include the construction of infrastructure designed to develop business, event, education, wellness, and nautical world-class tourism.”   

Sergey Georgievsky, Head of the Organizing Committee, Director of the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”:
 “The project is based on several comprehensive studies that determine the most effective way of developing the area, taking into account both the location and global trends in the field. So far, Russia has never had a recreation and tourism cluster formed by an open international competition. It will provide us with drastically different conceptual approaches for the development of the coastal area.”   

The best proposal will be chosen by the cross-disciplinary jury. The competition results will be announced on May 31, 2018.